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The RETI network – an introduction from the President


The RETI network was established in 2010 and comprises 27 members worldwide, all universities located on island territories. Our stated aim is to be

‘a space of cooperation in scientific research, training, innovation and knowledge transfer, and to encourage mobility and exchanges of researchers, and the development of joint research projects in the fields of renewable energy, natural resources, management and leveraging of water, information technology and communication, identities and cultures, territorial dynamics and sustainable development, and risk management’.


RETI members work together to influence international and EU directions for working through strategic networks with a long-term strategy, not just a string of individual projects.


My own institution, the University of the Highlands and Islands, was invited to join RETI in 2012, following collaboration with the University of Corsica on a joint European Social Fund project on blended learning.

Since then, we have participated in the major Symposium and Governing Committee each year, in Sardinia and Prince Edward Island – and hosted the event in Orkney in June 2015. We have also supported project work and student/staff exchanges with RETI partners, eg PhD students undertaking a study visit to the Scottish Association for Marine Science UHI; the Erasmus+ project developing and delivering a joint Masters course in Aquaculture, Environment and Society with the University of Crete.

Our students and staff have benefitted from these initiatives and we are enthusiastic about the potential for the network going forward, notwithstanding the challenges of bringing together such a diverse group from so many institutions worldwide.


The University of Corsica are to be congratulated on their commitment to the RETI network and for providing invaluable support through the Secretariat. We greatly appreciate the work of Professor Mathieu Graziani, Director of RETI Director, and his staff.


Our plans going forward in 2017 include


  • Launch of the new website
  • Encourage further exchanges of RETI students and staff
  • Support aquaculture initiative involving Universities of Corsica, Cagliari, Sassari and Highlands and Islands
  • Support work of joint UNESCO Chair in Island Studies and Sustainability, held by Universities of Prince Edward Island and Malta (both founder RETI members)
  • Major RETI symposium at University of Ryukyus in Okanawa, Japan – 17-21 November 2017




Professor Clive Mulholland

President, RETI

Principal and Vice-Chancellor

University of the Highlands and Islands, UK

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