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Executive Permanent Direction

The Permanent Operational Management Team was created during the 3rd Governance Committee meeting that took place in Levos, Greece on the 20th October 2012.  It consists of a Director and an Office Administrative and is situated in Corte, on the premises of the University of Corsica, which shall bear its operating costs.

The Director of the RETI

The Director of the Network ensures the implementation of the guidelines put in place by the Governance Committee in collaboration with the President. He/She is responsible for the coordination of network activities between Governance Committee meetings.

Mathieu Graziani took up his duties as director of the RETI from April 2016 to August 2021. He was also Vice-President of the University of Corsica, responsible for international relations.

The Director’s wishes for the New Year 2017.


To contact the Executive Permanent Direction

Operations Manager : reti@universita.corsica

Università di Corsica Pasquale Paoli

Bâtiment Jean-Toussaint Desanti

Avenue du 9 septembre

BP 52 - 20250 CORTE

Corsica - France

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