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President Mulholland in Corsica: an account of the visit

President Mulholland was in Corsica on March 29th-31st for a workshop with the Permanent Executive Direction about strategic options for the network. He attended with Linda Stewart, UHI Director in charge of European and International Development and representative in the Scientific Board of RETI.


Visit of Stella Mare platform and perspectives of common research projects

On Wednesday, March 29th, President Mulholland and the Scottish delegation have been welcomed on the scientific platform Stella Mare, Biguglia, by its Director, Antoine Aiello, RETI founder member in 2010 and Mathieu Graziani, RETI Director.

After a visit of the Stella Mare facilities took place a discussion about UHI and University of Corsica approaches about marine resources; a future project of cooperation, labelled by RETI, was considered.


The network communication renewed

The website – The new RETI website is already online (still in progress though) at this URL http://reti.universita.corsica


The newsletter – The network newsletter has evolved: in addition to the latest information about the activities of the network, the new RETI newsletter will be dispatched to collect data about the works of the members, past and future, on island matters.

MUN : official RETI member

During this visit, President Mulholland and RETI Director, Mathieu Graziani, have officially signed the agreement in principle for the integration of Memorial University of Newfoundland as the 27th member of the network.


A strategy for RETI

President Mulholland exposed during the workshop its strategy for RETI:

1/ To promove the exchanges between partners.

2/ To advertise and acknowledge the network outside the circle of members (public institutions, other universities, business…).

3/ To give a new impulse to RETI by developing thematics and/or geograficals subnetworks within the general network.

4/ To strengthen bonds with universities with smaller means and assets so that.



On Thursday, March 30th, a visioconference brought together the representatives of University of Corsica, UHI and University of the Ryukyus to prepare the next RETI event in Okinawa (Symposium, Autumn School, Governance Committee) on November 17th-21th.

Registrations are opened from September 15th to October 31st, deadline for submitting papers as well.

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