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Governance Committee

The main decision-making body, the Governance Committee sets out the strategic guidelines and agrees to a schedule of actions for the coming year. It meets on a yearly basis at one of the member universities. Traditionally, this meeting is concomitant with a Symposium and a Summer School.

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Executive Permanent Direction

The Permanent Operational Management Team was created during the 3rd Governance Committee meeting that took place in Levos, Greece on the 20th October 2012.  It consists of a Director and an Office Administrative and is situated in Corte, on the premises of the University of Corsica, which shall bear its operating costs.

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Scientific board

The Scientific Board of the RETI was established by the decision of the Governance Committee meeting in Orkney in June 2015.

Missions: It is responsible for the RETI’s executive work in collaboration with the Permanent Operational Management Team, based at the University of Corsica. It develops the operational plan of the RETI for a
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