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University of the Highlands and Islands

Identity record

Année de création

Achieved university title in 2011.

Année d'adhésion au RETI


Président de l'Université

Professor Clive Mulholland

Principal and Vice Chancellor

Représentant au Comité scientifique RETI

Linda Stewart

Director of European and International Development.

Présentation générale

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Background info on the university

The University of the Highlands and Islands is the United Kingdom’s leading integrated university encompassing both further and higher education. We are part of a new breed of tertiary institutions, the only one in Scotland and one of only a few in Europe.

Based in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, our distinctive partnership of 13 independent colleges and research institutions is locally based and rooted in communities, but with national and international reach, as part of a regional university structure.

Our reputation is built on our innovative approach to learning and our distinctive research and curriculum – all enriched by the people, natural environment, economy, culture and heritage of the Highlands and Islands and its communities.

Our curriculum portfolio across both further and higher education is designed to meet current and future local and regional needs and to attract other students to the Highlands and Islands to study.

Nombre d'étudiants inscrits (2015/2016)


Further education 33, 695; higher education 8,618

Facultés et départements

2 Faculties:

  • Arts, humanities and business
  • Science, health and engineering

6 Subject networks

  • Business, management and leisure
  • Creative and cultural industries
  • Humanities, education and Gaelic
  • Applied life studies
  • Engineering and the built environment

Science, technology and the environment


Langues d'enseignement

English and Gaelic (Scottish).

Principaux projets de recherche liés à l'insularité

The Scottish Association for Marine Science UHI (SAMS) has hosted visits from University of Corsica PhD students and they are currently working on an aquaculture project, also involving the Universities of Sassari and Cagliari. SAMS is also leading an Erasmus+ Joint Masters project in MSc Aquaculture Environment and Society with the University of Crete. The Centre for Nordic Studies at Orkney College UHI offers courses in Island Studies, which builds on links with the Universities of Malta and Prince Edward Island.

Mobilité - Nombre de partenariats internationaux

UHI Academic Partners have a long tradition of student and staff exchanges, many of which date back several decades. For example, Forestry students at Inverness College UHI have been working with their counterparts at institutions including Mendel University of Agriculture & Forestry in Czech Republic, 6 universities across Finland, University of Applied Forest Sciences Rottentburg in Germany, 2 institutions in Poland; Gaelic final honours students at Sabhal Mor Ostaig UHI have the opportunity to spend a semester with the University of Cape Breton, St Francis Xavier in Canada or the National University


Linda Stewart

Director of European and International Developmnent


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