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Island Journal Studies (ISJ)


En juin 2013 "Island Journal Studies (ISJ)" est devenu le journal officiel du RETI.

Dans cette rubrique seront référencés l'ensemble des contributions issues de travaux du Réseau.



ages 131-208: Thematic Section II:

                         Papers from the Excellence Network of Island Territories (RETI) meetings in Orkney, June 2015.

                         (Guest Editor: James E. Randall )

 Pages 131-132: Editorial introduction to thematic section: Papers from the Excellence Network of Island Territories (RETI)

                         meetings, Orkney, June 2015 – James E. Randall [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 133-144: A man and his island: the island mirror in island fiction – Laurie Brinklow 

                         [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 145-160: Islands erased by snow and ice: approaching the spatial philosophy of cold-water island fictions

                         – Johannes Riquet [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 161-176: Evaluating the impact of agritourism on local development in small islands 

                         – Sofia Karampela, Thanasis Kizos and Ioannis Spilanis [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 177-192: Migration, education and employment decisions of islanders: understanding the role of sociocultural

                         factors in shaping individual decisions and economic outcomes in Orkney and Shetland

                         – Rosie Alexander  [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]

 Pages 193-208: Good work? Scottish cultural workers’ narratives about working and living on islands

                         – Lynda Harling Stalker and Kathryn A. Burnett [ABSTRACT] [Full Article as PDF]




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