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A report of RETI event in Okinawa

The Governance Committee of RETIThe latest RETI event was held in Okinawa at the University of the Ryukyus, who successfully gathered 90 attendants, scholars and students not only from RETI but from universities all around the world.

The two-day symposium was followed by the annual autumn school.

For the opening of the symposium, both RETI President Prof. Mulholland and Ryukyus President Prof. Oshiro issued a statement about the importance of Island Studies and the necessity for RETI to continue efforts in promoting them (see Program Book online). Prof.Baldacchino from Malta and Prof. Greenwood from Newfoundland, members of RETI Scientific Committee, both gave keynotes about the ideas and concepts of Insularity and Islandness. Prof. Greenwood also made a presentation for the latest RETI member, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

The Governance Committee gathered 9 Presidents and representatives (from the Universities of the Ryukyus, Highlands and Islands, Corsica, Malta, Las Palmas, La Laguna, Cienfuegos, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island)  and developped new perspectives of action for the network, specifically about creating three main orientations for future dynamics : learning and teaching, research and public policy advising. It was decided RETI would also be working on how island universities deal with innovation, internationalisation, and how we can organize the next events according to different levels of involvement from RETI members : Rector/Vice-rector/scholars, so that new policies can be discussed on a 3-level perspective.

It was also announced that the next RETI event would be held by the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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