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University of Corsica - Doctoral Day 2018 : RETI is a partner

This year, the Doctoral Day of the University of Corsica is going international !

In cooperation with his Doctoral School, the University of Corsica host, this June 5th, two RETI PhD Students to present their research works.


After a call for applications, was selected :

- Fleur Ward, University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland : "Connecting Islands trough Information and Communications Technologies".

- Marta Garcia Cabrera, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain : "Wartime propaganda and foreign policy. Great Britain and the Canary Islands during the period of the World War".


They  will involved through a speech and a poster.

The abstracts will be published on the official websiteof the network.

PIERRE-ANTOINE TOMASI | Mise à jour le 04/06/2018

Mardi 05 juin 2018 de 09h00 à 18h30

Amphi Nicoli, UFR Sciences, Campus Grimaldi, Corti

Proposé par :
Ecole doctorale Environnement et Société

En partenariat avec :
Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, University of the Highlands and Islands.

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