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RETI at the PhD Students Day (University of Corsica) : an hopeful partnership

During the previous RETI Governance Committe held in Okinawa (sept. 2017), Presidents endorsed the idea that students should be involved on a larger scale in the activities of the network, especially by promoting inter-island mobilities. Thus the next RETI event (in MUN, Nov. 23-28) will host a meeting dedicated to students’involvement in the future of RETI.
On June 5th, the University of Corsica PhD Candidates Day has welcomed for the first time two students from RETI universities :
-          Marta Garcia Cabrera from University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
-          Fleur Ward, from University of Highlands and Islands
They’ve been greeted by M. Graziani, Director of RETI,  and A. Muselli, Director of Grad School at UCPP. Both students gave presentation speeches about their PhD research and displayed posters among the whole students and teachers community.
Find their abstracts on the links below.
The event proved successful and is meant to occur each year.


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